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Wastewater Treatment (Sulfuric Acid)

Chemical Blending for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment facilities play a vital role in protecting community health and local water quality. Wastewater treatment is a complex process involving multiple stages of mechanical and biological treatments for clarification, disinfecting, and filtering before the water can be safely discharged. Many plants operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and, therefore, must have an ample supply of consumables to ensure continuous operation.

At E & C Chemicals, we are a major supplier of sulfuric acid to municipal wastewater treatment plants. The strong acidic nature of this compound makes it an effective choice for wastewater neutralization and restoration of pH balance. Since we operate such a large capacity tank farm, we store sulfuric acid in several different concentrations in the 15% to 93% range to meet the needs of a variety of applications. With this chemical always on hand, we can quickly create blends according to specific customer specifications.

As a major provider of custom blended liquid chemicals to companies and municipalities in the Southeastern United States, preparing sulfuric acid formulations is something we do on an almost daily basis. For one customer, we mix 5,000 gallons per week and transport it to them using one of our tank trucks. Our staff utilizes all appropriate PPEs and observes strict safety precautions when handling this product during processing, transport, and delivery to the customer site.

The combination of our high-volume blending and logistics capabilities provides this municipality with a dependable source for sulfuric acid. This allows their wastewater treatment plant to operate uninterrupted and reliably serve their community.

If you are interested in learning more about our chemical blending services, contact us today.

Wastewater Treatment (Sulfuric Acid) Project Highlights

Project Name & DescriptionWastewater Treatment
Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesLiquid Blending
Blending Equipment UsedMixing Tanks
Materials UsedSulfuric Acid
Industry for UseMunicipality
Volume5,000 Gallons Weekly
Packaging/ StorageTank Trucks
Delivery/ Turnaround Time48-72 hours