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Meat Plant (Alkaline Products)

Meat Plant (Alkaline Products)

Regular cleaning and sanitation inside a meat processing plant is one of the most important activities. The premises and equipment must be kept meticulously clean in order to provide a hygienic environment for safely handling and processing meat products. Processors must be confident that their cleaning efforts are not hampered or prolonged by ineffective detergents and disinfectants. With our exceptional proficiency at chemical blending, one of our clients relies on us to deliver 5,000 gallons of alkaline cleaning products twice weekly to keep their plant cleaned and hygienic.

We worked closely with this client to ensure we could fulfill their orders on a timely basis. With our reliable network of chemical suppliers and our large tank farm, we always have a plentiful amount of standard raw materials in stock to create their custom blends. Since their proprietary products also include several singular ingredients, we keep an ample inventory of these as well.

By using our 10,000-gallon mixing tanks, we can prepare the large volume of product they need in an expedited manner. When blending the materials, we follow stringent internal protocols to ensure the chemical recipes and process parameters are controlled from batch to batch to ensure we produce consistent quality product. Our multi-compartment tank trucks allow us to deliver multiple cleaning solutions in each trip. Due to the quality of our liquid chemical blends, they can clean and disinfect their equipment and facility faster using a minimal amount of the alkaline solutions, which saves them expense.

If you are interested in additional information about this project or our chemical blending capabilities, contact us today.

Meat Plant (Alkaline Products) Project Highlights

Project Name & DescriptionMeat Plant
Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesLiquid Blending
Blending Equipment UsedMixing Tanks
Materials Used (Caustic & Potash)Alkaline Products
Industry for UseMeat Plant
Volume5000 gallons twice weekly
Packaging/ StorageTank Trucks
Delivery/ Turnaround Time48-72 hours