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Corrosion Inhibitors (Phosphates)

Food Grade Corrosion Inhibitors

As a major provider of both dry and liquid chemical blending services, we have the versatility to blend products to meet a variety of application needs. One of the many items we produce on-site are mixtures for use as corrosion inhibitors in drinking water systems. At E & C Chemicals, we have taken the important step of becoming NSF certified. This certification assures customers that our process and our products are compliant with a very strict set of quality standards for public health and safety.

We keep a large inventory of material on hand, which allows us to fulfill our customers’ orders. For dry mixing, we have large ribbon blenders that form consistently homogeneous blends of phosphate ingredients. We also use our liquid processing equipment to produce proprietary phosphate blends in truckload quantities. From batch to batch, premium quality raw materials combined with carefully managed blending processes allow us to produce high-quality products that keep water system chemistry in a consistent range.

Serving large and small customers, we have the flexibility to package and transport our phosphate blends in a number of different ways, from pails and drums to 50 lb. bags and SuperSacks. We also deliver in truckload quantities to facilities with high consumption rates.

With our NSF certification, our customers are confident that the composition of their phosphate blends matches their specifications and that no unwanted or undisclosed ingredients are present. We have built a strong customer base for this product by serving their quality and logistical needs in a reliable manner.

For more information on our NSF-certified phosphate blending capabilities, contact us today.

Corrosion Inhibitors (Phosphates) Project Highlights

Project Name & DescriptionCorrosion Inhibitors
Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesDry Blending with liquid blending as requested by the customers
Blending Equipment UsedRibbon Blender
Liquid Processing Equipment (mix tanks, pump, pipping, and controls)
Materials UsedPhosphates
Industry for UseDrinking Water
VolumeTruckload Quantities
Packaging/ StoragePails/ Drums/ Super Sacks/ 50 LBS Bags
Delivery/ Turnaround Time48-72 hours (Depending on specific requirements)