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Poultry Plant (Alkaline Products)

Poultry Plant (Alkaline Products)

Alkaline cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants are a mainstay for cleaning and sanitizing poultry processing plants. Many facilities devote entire shifts to scouring and disinfecting facilities and equipment. These efforts are a must for providing a hygienic environment for keeping poultry products safe for consumers.

We custom blend a range of products for a large poultry producer that operates multiple processing plants. This customer primarily uses proprietary liquid blends, and also uses some dry alkaline formulations for washing and sanitizing. With our large tank farm and high capacity mixing tanks and ribbon blenders here at E & C Chemicals, we easily fulfill their bulk orders, which are in the range of 5,000 gallons of chemical treatment products per plant.

Several of the products we supply to this customer involve non-standard blends with some unusual raw materials. We worked closely with our raw materials suppliers to procure the special ingredients in a cost-effective manner that fit within our customer’s budget constraints. Also, with our multi-compartment tanker trucks, we are able to deliver multiple products per order on a just-in-time basis. This not only minimizes on-site storage requirements, but also ensures that they have an ample supply of cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants on hand for their daily cleaning operations.

Our trained and certified field personnel deliver these alkaline cleaners to multiple plants on a regular basis. They take all proper precautions during unloading and storage to ensure their own safety as well as the well-being of the processing plant staff and facility. After we delivered the initial order, the client and their cleaning crews were very impressed with the effectiveness of our products. They quickly discovered that they needed less product to get the job done, which saved on cleaning overhead.

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Poultry Plant (Alkaline Products) Project Highlights

Project Name & DescriptionCleaning & Disinfection Products for a Poultry Plant
Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesLiquid & Dry Blending
Package & Deliver
Compartmentalize Tank Truck
Blending Equipment UsedMixing Tanks
Ribbon Blender
Materials UsedAlkaline Products
Industry for UsePoultry Plant
Volume5,000 Gallons Per Plant/ Per Order (By bulk)
Packaging/ StorageCompartmentalize Tank Trucks
Delivery/ Turnaround Time48-72 hours