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Steel Facility (Sulfuric Acid)

Custom Blended Sulfuric Acid for a Steel Facility

At E & C Chemicals, we have a good customer in the steel industry that consumes about 4,000 gallons of sulfuric acid per month. As a large industrial supplier of custom blended chemicals, we have the necessary training and certifications to process this commonly used, yet extremely hazardous material. It was important to this client to choose a supplier that observed the proper precautions when delivering product to their facility. If not properly handled, sulfuric acid is capable of causing serious injury or damage, particularly at high concentration levels.

We carry an inventory of sulfuric acid in several concentrations and have the equipment and technical competency to dilute it to various strengths, based on the application at hand. When blending the product and delivering to the customer’s facility, we observe a rigorous set of safety practices. Through our diligent conduct, we avoid the possibility of leaks, spills, accidental contact, and exposure to incompatible materials. Certified for handling hazardous materials, our crews wear an array of personal protection equipment and take the utmost precautions to protect people in the vicinity from injury and equipment from accidental damage.

By using one of our fleet of compartmentalized tanker trucks, we can supply multiple concentrations of sulfuric acid to the customer in a single delivery. Our blending capabilities, combined with our conscientious safety practices and expert logistics management won us a long-term contract with this steel company.

To learn more about our chemical blending, logistics, and safe handling capabilities, contact us today.

Steel Facility (Sulfuric Acid) Project Highlights

Project Name & DescriptionSteel Facility
Capabilities Applied/ ProcessesLiquid Blending
Blending Equipment UsedMixing Tanks
Materials UsedSulfuric Acid Blend
Industry for UseSteel
Volume4000 gallons monthly
Packaging/ StorageCompartmentalized Tank Trucks (w/ multiple delivery locations)
Delivery/ Turnaround Time48-72 hours