Quality Liquid Cleaners & Disinfectants for a Poultry Processing Application

Poultry Processing Liquid Cleaners & Disinfectants

With mixing tanks as small as 100 gallons, at E & C Chemicals we have the flexibility to fulfill small orders of custom blended products. One of the poultry plants we do business with uses modest amounts of acidic products, mostly in liquid form, as part of their cleaning and disinfection protocols. These formulations consist mainly of citric acid and phosphoric acid in proprietary blends along with several uncommon ingredients. We always have an inventory of citric and phosphoric acid on hand, and although we use the non-standard ingredients in low amounts, we are able to reliably source them at a very favorable price for the customer.

Alongside the small mixing tanks in our facility is equipment for safely filling liquid containers such as drums, totes, and pails. This allows us to mix less-than-truckload amounts of product and package it in manageable-sized receptacles for handling, transport, and storage. Since our company operates 24/7, we are able to manage production of these small volume orders usually within one day. Our equipment is designed for quick changeover, which gives us the process flexibility and operational efficiency to keep costs for short runs very competitive.

A strong combination of factors, including our mixing capabilities, logistical support, and reliable just-in-time delivery, easily won us a contract for repeat orders from this poultry plant. The consistent quality of our products allowed the customer to complete their cleaning applications with less material than the usual requirement, which saves on their replenishment costs.

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Poultry Plant (Acidic Blends) Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Poultry Plant (cleaning & disinfection)
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Liquid Blending
Blending Equipment Used
Mixing Tanks
Materials Used
Acidic Products:
  • Citric Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
Industry for Use
Poultry Plant
Packaging/ Storage
Drums & Totes - Smaller amounts
5 Gallon Pales
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
24 hours
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